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Your most lovely pricing partner.

Pricing Pact helps you capture your full revenue or profit potential through better pricing.

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Something unexpected

The surprising power of a good pricing

Most companies don't capture their full sales or profit potential because of their bad pricing.

A price optimization can lead to a 5% to 30% revenue increase (and more in profit).

Should you consider a volume, revenue or profit improvement think first about optimizing your prices.

It’s more efficient than any other action !

What we do

Pricing pact is the right partner for many things.

We’re sure there is some way we can be of service. Let’s see in which points we can help you improve your pricing learning.

Innovation pricing

You'll launch a product, service or software on the market for the 1st time and don't have any clue about how to price it?

Don't make a dramatic mistake with your price. It can have a significant impact on the growth and the success of your project.

Price optimization

You need to review the price of your current offering but you don't know by how much you should change the price, when to change it, what would be the consequences and how to communicate about it.

Be sure to minimize the risk and capture the full potential.

You’re wondering if we would work with you ?

Pricing Pact helps many different peoples from all kind of domains.

Business Type

We work with many different type of company including :

  • B2B Companies
  • B2C Companies

Product type

We work with many different type of company including :

  • Products
  • Services
  • Softwares
  • Applications

Maturity level

We work with many different type of company including :

  • Start-ups
  • Scale-ups
  • SME's
  • Large Corporates
Our mission

We help you through 4 different services.


Interactive workshops on the different pricing methods and their impacts on revenue and profit, answering all your questions about pricing.


Follow-ups guiding you through your pricing processes, providing you with expert advices and quick recommendations.


Consulting mission providing you with pricing audits, specific analyses and action plans.


Access to our online solution that gives you optimal value-based pricing recommendations for your specific product or service.

Pricing page

The pain of the pricing page

Do you struggle configuring your pricing page ?

For most companies, setting a clear and coherent pricing page has became a real pain with questions such as:

  • Which products should I bundle together?
  • Which metrics should I use (per use, per month, one-shot) ?
  • And most importantly
  • What price should I put on each offer ?
  • Pack  — Basic
  • Pack  — Standard
  • Pack  — Pro
Pricing Pact helps you to set a clear and coherent pricing page for your company.
Value based pricing

The power of value-based pricing.

Most companies have a pricing exclusively based on cost or competition. We understand: it's the most convenient way...

However it's usually not the best one!

We’ll help you to
understand what is the best price metric for your business

We strongly believe that a good and sustainable pricing strategy is aligned with customers' perceived value, price sensitivity and willingness-to-pay.

More than pricing

A better pricing leads to positive changes in every department of your organization.

Better value proposition
Better marketing
Better sales capabilities
Better finance

Your product team can focus their development on what really matters for your customers.

Your marketing team knows who value your product or service the most and how price sensitive they are.

Your sales team knows how to manage their effort and negotiate by properly defending your value proposition.

Your finance team acquires a better understanding of the impact of a price change on the volume, revenue and profit.

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Pricing score

What is your pricing performance ?

So you should first optimize your pricing in order to capture your full revenue and profit potential.

However, how to be sure that you're actually performing well in terms of pricing …

… or on the contrary, really badly?

Don't worry !

We've developed a survey allowing you to calculate your own pricing score, a rating of your pricing performance.

Our partners

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We already helped more than 300 companies during our workshops.

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